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Seed Kits

Seed Kits

Every day is great for seed kits gifts. You need not worry about season when you give indoor garden gifts like our French Country Herb Trio in deepest cobalt pots and tray. There are few things anyone who cooks loves more than fresh herbs. But out of season, or in an apartment or condo without its own yard, unless you grow your own with herb garden kits, you are limited to less satisfying dried herbs or the often wan - and expensive - fresh herbs at the grocery. Seed kits are a wonderful way to teach children of all ages that patience pays, too.

Our Herbs of Tuscany seed kits feature three different herbs, basils are always beloved for Mediterranean cuisines and the Arabica Coffee kit adds aromatic flowers. Perhaps more importantly, it produces exquisite beans. Tiramisu, anyone?

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Winter holidays and birthdays should all be graced with seed kits. Especially when January and February set in, almost everyone longs for garden gifts with the promise that spring will indeed arrive. But why not give flower seed kits or herb garden kits to create new greenery in the meantime? No sense in just waiting for spring. Three pesto recipes come with our Genovese Pesto Plus herb garden kits. One pesto variation we love is using almonds rather than the more traditional walnuts or pine nuts. The Greetings That Grow basil provides GMO-free seeds.

Let us remind you that you, too, deserve promise-of-spring garden gifts. Herb garden kits are welcome throughout the year because herbs tend to bolt in hot weather, making summers difficult for herbs outdoors, too. The French Country Herbs Trio (marjoram, lemon basil and parsley) and Herbs of Tuscany Herb Kit (marjoram, sage and garlic chives, also GMO-free) are two great collections that supply the perfect culinary-sized portions. And we must say a word about the Terra-Cotta Organic Kit of Arabica Coffee. It will blossom into shiny dark green leaves and lovely white flowers before growing its berries, which become aromatic coffee beans.

Seed kits are very affordable gifts that require the lucky giftee only to open and water their garden gifts - fertilizer and other needs are already in the potting medium. Some herb garden kits, especially the French Country Herb Trio, have pots and trays anyone will be delighted to use season after season and year after year.

The other thing we adore about seed kits is introducing children to gardening - and the patience rewarded you get as plants sprout and grow from herb and flower seed kits. They're usually hooked the moment that first green shoot peeks up. Herb garden kits are also perfect ways to introduce them to cooking. They love preparing their herbs to season special dishes.

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