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Ceiling Mounts - So the hanging basket stays hanging

Suspended-panel ceilings and very thin ceilings will not support planters at all. Pick a place away from doorways, high traffic areas, and places where drips can cause damage. Any hardware installed in the ceiling should support at least 75 -100 pounds of weight. An easy test is to thread a rope through the hardware and have a medium-size child swing on the rope.

What you'll need: A stud finder, A power drill (electric or cordless), Eyebolts or anchor bolts or molly bolts, A hook-and-chain plant hanger, or thick cord.

For the best security, mount hooks into a ceiling stud or beam. Use a stud-finder to locate the beams. If your plant's new home contains a ceiling stud, use an eyebolt to mount the hook; else you'll need a molly bolt (or an anchor bolt). Molly bolts have flanges that open out and grip the ceiling from the other side, making it harder for the bolt to pull out.

Mark and drill a starting hole where the hardware will go. With ceiling beams, use hardware with a pointed screw-tip for easier installation. Otherwise, drill all the way through the ceiling. Push the bolt through, and open the flanges by screwing the bolt closed.