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Children's Growing Projects - Overview

Why do children and growing projects go together so well?

Children are naturally curious about their world. Growing things lets them ask the obvious questions: What makes a seed grow? What is that bug? Why do plants need water (but not too much?)

A sunny spot, permission to get dirty, and enthusiasm from you can turn ordinary children into garden lovers.

So what makes a good kid's project?

  • It has success potential. Think sunflowers, not orchids.
  • It's reasonably fast. Big seeds, fast flowers, and transplants from a local nursery all fit the bill.
  • The results are edible, brightly colored, or funny looking.

Projects can range from the simplicity of beans in a cup to elaborate trellis work. Pots can work for many projects - you don't have to have a yard to grow memories with children.

Remember: children want your input, they crave your involvement, but they can also become discouraged if you take over. Set up, back off, and let your child get growing.

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