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Color Combining - Combining and contrasting color combos

Are you a pastel person, a lover of bright cheerful colors, or do you prefer deep jewel tones? Your container can go any way - it depends on your personal style.

A monochromatic color scheme uses plants that all flower in the same basic color. All whites, all reds - just make sure that the reds are related - no purpley reds fighting with orangey reds.

Contrasting colors are those opposite each other on the color wheel:

  • red-green
  • blue-orange
  • violet-yellow

They tend create a vibrant, almost vibrating container. You can use pale or deep shades of these, or a combination (deep blue and pale melon orange) which will also work well together.

Complementary colors, the ones next to each other on the color wheel also work well:

  • green-blue
  • blue-violet
  • violet-red
  • red-orange
  • orange-yellow
  • yellow-green

A good tip here is to use a pale shade of one with a deep version of the other.

When in doubt, add white flowers, or plants with silver foliage. These can make the most clashing combinations appear to work. So face it, you can't really mess up, so, enjoy! Oh, and remember, leaves also have color - green (surprise!), purple, silver, bronze, and even blue.