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Common Houseplant Health Problems

If you thought it was only humans who suffer from health problems, then think again, as plants do too! All sorts of problems can affect plants, from wilting and loss of leaves, to insect infestations. Awareness of the common problems is crucial as it can help with a quick diagnosis and ensure treatment occurs as soon as possible. So take note of the following instances just in case your plants are suddenly inflicted and need first aid!

WiltingWilting can be caused by under or over-watering. Test the soil with your finger if it is wet, remove the plant and re-plant in a new, freshly soil filled pot; if it is dry, then give the plant a good watering.

MildewThe distinct white-colored mould of mildew can occur during the summer on plant stems and leaves. Moving the plant to a well-ventilated position will help the condition. It can be caused by over-watering, so check the quantity of water you’re giving the plant.
Poor GrowthA plant that experiences poor growth may be suffering from over-watering or root rot. If there are any signs of water-logging or the drainage is insufficient, remove the plant and re-pot it in a fresh pot. To check for root-rot, remove the plant from the pot and examine the roots if they have gone a dark brown/black color, are slimy, easily break and seem hollow, then it root-rot is likely to be the problem.

Sudden Leaf LossThe sudden loss of leaves can be caused by various factors such as an unexpected temperature change, hot or cold air exposure or by moving the plant to new conditions. If you know that any changes have occurred, then if possible try reverting them; if the leaves continue to drop it may, unfortunately, signal the death of the plant.

Spider MitesPlants sporting speckled leaves may be suffering from spider mites. The mites are small and hard to see, but you will be able to notice the effect they have on the upper and underside of leaves. One possible way of ridding your plants of these unwanted visitors is to gently wipe the leaves with soapy water.

Plants need lots of care and attention, so remember to carry out regular checks and help keep them happy, healthy and blooming!