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Container Gardening

Container Gardening

Container gardening is fast becoming one of the greatest joys - and arts - of gardening. Whether you choose pots and planters or window boxes, container gardens allow you to try whole new plant pairings as often as you like. Container gardening has become a giddy endeavor because so many new flower and plant varieties come out every year. The smaller space of pots and planters and window boxes mean you can load up on dramatic annuals that are often prohibitive to buy for the much larger space of an in-ground garden. And planters allow you to create exclamations of color and shape where they best complement your home.

So that endless wait until next spring gives you a good chance to decide what colors and kinds of containers best suit your taste and your home. Every single one adds curb appeal, too.

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Good news! Anyone, anywhere can have a container garden. Even the smallest apartment accommodates a floor plant or two, or a few flower pots on a table or counter. Balconies open up many more container garden possibilities.

If you have a patio, porch or other outdoor space adding container gardens will accent it beautifully. Brackets are available to attach planters along the top of deck rails, a lovely presentation. You can also use pots or planters with vines and hanging baskets to create shade until that tree you're going to plant grows up.

We offer uncommon variety and quality in window boxes, pots and planters, raised bed and less common planters, hanging baskets, plant stands and terrariums. You'll find top quality materials including redwood, iron, vinyl and PVC. That's important, because you'll want your planters to last. Many can be left outside in all four seasons without seriously adverse effects.

Our window boxes come with the huge plus of our cleat mounting system. You just level and install our cleats, and your window boxes mount on them in moments. You can start in the morning and be planted by the end of the day. Window boxes come in a number of standard lengths, from 25" to 72". Vinyl and PVC window boxes are usually offered in white and sometimes more colors, but can also be painted to match your home; they hold paint well. Window boxes, pots and planters usually offer matching style for clean, clear aesthetics on your property.

Last, we'd be remiss if we didn't direct you to our amazing collection of plant stands and plant terrariums. Perfect for children and beloved by those who enjoy indoor plants. See lovely pieces, many giving well-inspired homage to traditions as diverse as Gothic, Asian, Victorian and Regency.

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