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Gardening Containers

Gardening Containers

It's easy to see why container gardens become ever more popular with the passing of the seasons. Planting containers allow you to create a focal point absolutely anywhere, plus you can easily move a plant container for more or less sun as needed, so it's always in perfect condition. For the artist/gardener container gardens are ideal for trying out both individual plants and plant combinations. And with a plant container, it's easy and affordable to change designs from year to year, or season to season if you prefer.

Last, but certainly not least, the plant container itself can be an additional accent to your plantscape. We offer a distinctive collection of planting containers that do just that, from ancient accents to historic Continental flair as well as modern window boxes, terrariums and more.

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  1. 14in. Larkwood Leaf Cone Planter Basket with Tripod Stand

    14in. Larkwood Leaf Cone Planter Basket with Tripod Stand


    The Larkwood Pressed Leaf Cone Basket with Tripod Stand is a true showstopper that will add natural beauty to any outdoor space whether you place it on a porch, on a patio, along a sidewalk or in the garden. The basket has a conical shape that balances the height of arrangements, and its earthy hues make a lovely contrast for the color of leaves, stems and flowers of all types of plants. The galvanized wire planter is covered with a pressed leaf mat and finished with a rattan grapevine wreath along the top edge. A plastic liner and a powder coated wrought iron stand come with the planter.

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  2. 16in. Beehive Planter with Tripod Stand with Mossmat

    16in. Beehive Planter with Tripod Stand with Mossmat


    How can you transform your patio, porch, balcony or backyard garden from boring to buzzworthy in seconds? Just unpack the Beehive Planter with Tripod Stand with Mossmat, set it up and plant a beautiful flower arrangement! Shipped ready for planting, this unique planter has a sturdy frame made of looping metal constructed into a hive shape. The planter comes with a weather-resistant black powder coated wrought iron stand with a tripod design and stylish curved legs. For color, a green mossmat is included with the piece. The planter is designed to show off the hue and the unique texture of the moss.

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Container gardens in general and planning containers at Emily's Plants in particular: Charm. Check. Choices. Check. Design excitement. Check. Hard-to-find colors. Check. Fabulous pricing for each plant container. Check. Order. As soon as possible.

We're proud to offer some of the hard-to-find colors you've been seeking for years. In our Bali planters, choose a true blue in denim, captivating green in moss or a soft terra cotta plant container that complements any container plant. In our Dover series, find lovely antique white and antique cream aged patinas, both of which welcome virtually any foliage and flower tones and achieve several lovely neutral tones to match or complement your landscape. A great low, round planter, too - hard to find! Note that the Dover window box comes in sets.

Do planting containers matter if you have boffo flowers, foliage and vines? Our staff and customers say that they loved their container gardens with almost any old pot when they started out, but that as their skill in design grew they learned that the right container planter completes the artistry of a plant container. For example, an inexpensive red spike with equally inexpensive green margarita vine becomes a stunner in a black pot, especially a tall narrow one. Pastels and whites will sing in our Bali planters or the Dover series muted tones. Licorice vine is one of the ideal complements for pastels. Those same planters are equally great with mix of vivid colors - mixing in some pastels further accents the brights and ties to the pastel planters.

We'd be remiss if we forgot to talk about our planting container materials. While they don't look like it, our selections here are modern and long-lasting resin. Resins are overtaking traditional terra cotta and cement planters in four- and three-season climates because you don't have to empty or store them inside during the winter.