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Plant Stands

Plant Stands

Plant stands add an absolutely stunning element to your home design at a lovely, affordable price. Each indoor plant stand we offer is impeccably designed, featuring the best lines of the original metal plant stands and conservatories that became so famous when houseplants and the iron plant stand were "discovered" in the Victorian and Regency periods, all married to clean, modern sensibilities so our plant stands complement any style. You'll find a finish on our metal plant stands to suit your home - matte black, ivory or charcoal brown -- and finishing touches from street vendor and Asian styling to fleur-de-lis.

You can give one of our plant stands with absolute confidence; in fact, it's hard to imagine a more exciting gift than an indoor plant stand for someone who enjoys indoor or outdoor gardening.

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Houseplants, thank goodness, are coming back along with the indoor plant stand. Why? Because there are a number of lovely and dependable plants that simply thrive better indoors than out, and because metal plant stands allow people in cooler climates to grown some warm weather plants that would normally die out in the fall, and, on the other hand, those in very warm climates can use an iron plant stand or other indoor plant stand to grow plants that like it cool.

One of the great advantages of plant stands over even indoor pots is that an indoor plant stand helps retain moisture in the atmosphere. If you've ever made a point of moisturizing houseplants - misting, tenting, treating them to time in a kitchen or bath - you know how fabulous they look with some extra moisture. Our metal plant stands provide generous openings at the top or front (doors!) for planting and maintenance, and can be adjusted to retain more or less moisture as humidity varies. Because of heat and air-conditioning, moisture in homes and offices is usually low these days.

How about adding an indoor plant stand to your office or business setting? Or to someone else's who is lucky enough to receive gifts from you? Additional pluses - plants improve indoor air quality and provide quiet calm and energy.

An indoor plant stand is an ideal way to enjoy many flowers and plants that are happiest indoors - for example, the phalaenopsis orchid. Contrary to their delicate looks, they are easy to grow indoors. These orchids have become so popular they are affordably available even in grocery stores. Our Tall Regent House Terrarium is especially suitable for taller plants like an orchid at its peak, though orchids, like most plants, make some adjustments if placed in smaller environments. All of our metal plant stands are generously sized.