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Planters and Pots

Planters and Pots

If you are in the market to buy garden pots, you have come to the right place. Without a doubt, pots and planters have changed over the years. Gone are the days when plastic terra cotta or utilitarian black nursery planters were the only pots available. Here at Emily's Plants, we have a wide variety of flower planters for sale - from traditional small outdoor planters made from ceramic to wooden bucket planters to all many of PVC and fiberglass planters, and more.

While the traditional round flower pot exists, we have many new sizes and materials from which to choose, with conventional planters being just the beginning of what we have to offer. Select marbled maize patio planter pots that look positively archaeological. Or choose a graceful faux wood plant container and add a self-watering insert, available in three colors to complement your plants. We also offer a weathered bronze look in an acanthus leaf motif, or square container gardening pots, either straight-sided or tapered. Whatever you choose, the diversity of plant containers is exceptional, guaranteed to add grace and charm to any landscape and home.

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Pots and Planters For All Décor

Our outdoor pots and planters collection reflects the ongoing excitement about the diversity of design, materials, sizes and shapes we have available, With this extensive collection, we are confident you will have no trouble finding the perfect patio planter pots for your home or business. In fact, our collection reflects the ongoing material and design innovation in the world of plant containers on the market today. From wrought iron planters to PVC window boxes to rustic round wooden small outdoor planters and more, the numerous offerings we carry ensure you'll find plant containers to fit every conceivable home exterior and interior decor. With this many conventional, modern, and chic flower planters for sale, your biggest challenge will be narrowing down your options for final purchase.

Planters That Set the Design Stage

With literally dozens of planters to choose from, narrowing down your selection criteria can be important. Naturally, you will want to pair planter style with your exterior or interior decor. This means it can either match or contrast the design theme you have. When you go to buy garden pots, the material the planter is made from is also important. We have many fine PVC and fiberglass planters for sale in a wide variety of sizes, shapes and styles, If you live in a part of the country that has traditional seasonal weather patterns, from cold, wet winters to warm, hot summers, you want to select material that can withstand weather fluctuations. PVC and fiberglass planters are ideal for this since they don't rot, warp, bow, chip or break.

Container Gardening Pots and Decorative Planters

If you are looking for container gardening pots and planters, we carry several fiberglass and PVC styles, as well as rustic wood slat deck planters perfect for organic gardening. We also carry several beehive planters made from rugged coconut coir nestled in wrought iron stands, perfect for planting and harvesting edible flowers. In addition, we have stunning low bowl plant containers made from mixed materials, as well as ceramic and cast stone. Included in all categories of style, shape, size and materials, we carry a large array of decorative planters. From tall tapered square planters to simple round tapered to ones with ridges and rolled tops, the choices are extensive. Shop the site or call today!