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Raised Bed Gardens

Raised Bed Gardens

How much would your garden benefit from a raised bed garden table that does double duty as a potting table, crafted of top quality wood that is practically indestructible? Our raised bed garden/grow beds tables in top grade cedar, which not only lasts forever but fades to a lovely blue-grey tone, can make home horticulture simple and fun. We make it easy to build raised garden beds by providing a variety of sizes and shapes in grow beds requiring only basic assembly. Fill with pots or soil - our cedar slat design sheds extra water but not soil, also watering plants on the shelf below. Tables for raised garden beds are a wonderful gift for gardeners of any age. And we can guarantee that over time his or her aching back will be ever more delighted with your gift of a raised bed garden.

A raised bed garden that doubles as a potting table during the big spring or fall push will be an all-time favorite gift for any gardener. Gardening will give almost anyone the occasional aching back, and leg and back pain becomes more bothersome as the years go on, often becoming a hassle for gardeners as early as their 40s. Our tables for grow beds look so great that they add to the landscape as well as the backscape. They are made of quality cedar to outlast almost any wood structure, so you know your gift or purchase of a raised bed garden will be well used for years to come. A word about cedar, which can look plain and piney new. Cedar typically weathers fully in just a year or two in a four-season climate, and a bit more in milder areas.

If you or a gardener you know has "build a raised bed garden" on a list, jump-start that with our garden beds tables that require just a bit of assembly. Come time to weed the grow beds, our raised garden beds will again make that easy on the back. These grow beds tables are countertop height, perfect to use while standing, or, even nicer for many gardeners, while balanced on a stool.

If you have a cedar deck, our cedar accessories - raised bed gardens plus planters and window boxes - will be first choice. Our tables range up to a full six feet long, and all create a substantial visual presence. If you want to use your Emily's Plants raised bed garden as a potting center, too, you can fill it with pots and remove them at planting time, or just set pots or other plant containers on top of the soil before you adorn your grow beds with new plants.