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Raised Bed Gardens

Raised Bed Gardens

How much would your garden benefit from a raised bed garden table that does double duty as a potting table, crafted of top quality wood that is practically indestructible? Our raised bed garden/grow beds tables in top grade cedar, which not only lasts forever but fades to a lovely blue-grey tone, can make home horticulture simple and fun. We make it easy to build raised garden beds by providing a variety of sizes and shapes in grow beds requiring only basic assembly. Fill with pots or soil - our cedar slat design sheds extra water but not soil, also watering plants on the shelf below. Tables for raised garden beds are a wonderful gift for gardeners of any age. And we can guarantee that over time his or her aching back will be ever more delighted with your gift of a raised bed garden.

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  1. Redwood Raised Bed Garden - 4Ft. x 8Ft. x 1Ft.H

    Redwood Raised Bed Garden - 4Ft. x 8Ft. x 1Ft.H


    Create a sizeable flower and veggie plot above ground with the Raised Redwood Garden Bed. This hot growing trend is a favorite of savvy growers everywhere, primarily for the control it allows. Choose soil consistency, irrigation techniques, and easily keep out weed and pest invasions within the walls of raised garden beds. Maximum control means maximum yield for edibles and flowers alike.

    This fully trimmed raised garden bed features vertical slats of natural redwood that showcase the grain's stunning dimension. Redwood is inherently resistant to rot and also tends to deter insects as nature inteded. This large enclosure is an efficient space for a self-contained vegetable garden that will save on time, resources and grocery bills. Some assembly required; please call toll free to ask about rolling casters.

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  2. Redwood Raised Bed Garden - 4Ft. x 6Ft. x 1Ft.H

    Redwood Raised Bed Garden - 4Ft. x 6Ft. x 1Ft.H


    See what all the "above-ground" fuss is about with elegant Redwood Raised Gardens. Popping up nationwide, the raised bed method is hot on the scene - from Manhattan rooftops to Napa Valley vineyards. This redwood design features an attractive slatted design framed by top and bottom trim. The lovely grain of redwood gives the container nice color dimension and the material is also naturally resistant to mildew and insects. Wooden raised gardens are ready to assemble right out of the box and can be purchased with or without legs. This style is popular for veggie gardens as it's easier to control the environment within raised beds and many people need a solution for small space vegetable gardening. Choose the best soil and optimize weed and pest control for higher yields and a longer growing season. In the long run, raised gardening saves growers time, resources and money. To add rolling casters please call toll free.

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  3. Redwood Raised Bed Garden - 4Ft. x 4Ft. x 1Ft.H

    Redwood Raised Bed Garden - 4Ft. x 4Ft. x 1Ft.H


    Enjoy a controlled growing environment for flowers, greens and veggies with a Natural Redwood Raised Garden. This enclosure comes ready to assemble right out of the box for use in the yard or on a hardscape surface. And for easy mobility throughout a landscape or across a patio, call toll free to ask about our rolling casters.

    Garden enthusiasts throughout the country are getting in on the raised bed method, creating controlled plots with optimal soil richness, irrigation and heightened resistance to pests and weeds. Redwood raised gardens are inherently resistant to insects and rot, and the natural wood grain has aesthetically pleasing color dimension. In addition, raised bed gardeners save on time, resources and also grocery dollars with herb and veggie plots. This fully trimmed, redwood garden enclosure is a lovely addition to any gardener's repertoire.

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  4. Redwood Raised Bed Garden - 2Ft. x 6Ft. x 1Ft.H

    Redwood Raised Bed Garden - 2Ft. x 6Ft. x 1Ft.H


    Set yourself up for growing success with a Raised Bed Garden made of redwood. Raised beds have emerged as the premier garden plot for difficult environments such as urban rooftops and yards with clay or sandy soils. Not to mention, they're an efficient use of space and an easy way to control your planting environment. This enclosure is made from naturally lovely redwood, known for its stunning color dimension and inherent resistance to rot and insects. Raised garden beds are ready to assemble right out of the box and can also be ordered on a wheel platform for easy mobility throughout a landscape. Grow tasty edibles, brilliant flower beds, and combinations thereof, choosing the best soil, irrigation and organic fertilizers for the job. With a Redwood Raised Garden, a beautiful, controlled growing environment is right at your fingertips.

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  5. Redwood Raised Bed Garden - 2Ft. x 4Ft. x 1Ft.H

    Redwood Raised Bed Garden - 2Ft. x 4Ft. x 1Ft.H


    Break new planting ground with a Redwood Raised Garden Bed. This efficient enclosure is naturally rot and insect resistant and has a fully trimmed design. Raised garden beds are easy to assemble right out of the box and make the ideal space for a controlled planting environment. Create your own plot of edibles or beautiful flower beds with all the right stuff for your plants. With raised gardening, you're in control of the soil type and it's easier to keep out weeds and pests. Also, the lovely natural grain of redwood is a visual winner, adding a charming look to any landscape. For a mobile raised garden add rolling casters to your online order.

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  6. Raised Garden Planter with Storage Shelf

    Raised Garden Planter with Storage Shelf


    Save your back and your plants with our cedar wood raised garden planter. This attractive raised bed makes gardening on your deck or patio convenient and fun.

    • Measures 41" long x 25" wide x 36" high
    • Made from Eastern white cedar, which is resistant to rot, insects, and moisture damage
    • Convenient lower storage shelf
    • Offers the ease of gardening without stooping, bending, or crouching
    • Easy to assemble.
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  7. Cedar Wood Potting Bench and Side Table (2-Piece)

    Cedar Wood Potting Bench and Side Table (2-Piece)


    The benefits of a raised garden bed combined with the convenience of a handy potting bench make this 2-piece garden potting station a must-have for avid gardeners. All made from durable and attractive cedar!

    • Potting bench measures: 41" long x 25" wide x 36" high
    • Side table measures: 20" long x 20" wide x 31" high
    • Upper shelf measures: 36" long x 6" deep
    • Made from responsibly harvested white cedar
    • Deep garden bed converts to potting table with 2 lids
    • Top shelf holds tools and supplies
    • Spacious lower shelf for storage
    • Side table adds extra space and flexibility.
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A raised bed garden that doubles as a potting table during the big spring or fall push will be an all-time favorite gift for any gardener. Gardening will give almost anyone the occasional aching back, and leg and back pain becomes more bothersome as the years go on, often becoming a hassle for gardeners as early as their 40s. Our tables for grow beds look so great that they add to the landscape as well as the backscape. They are made of quality cedar to outlast almost any wood structure, so you know your gift or purchase of a raised bed garden will be well used for years to come. A word about cedar, which can look plain and piney new. Cedar typically weathers fully in just a year or two in a four-season climate, and a bit more in milder areas.

If you or a gardener you know has "build a raised bed garden" on a list, jump-start that with our garden beds tables that require just a bit of assembly. Come time to weed the grow beds, our raised garden beds will again make that easy on the back. These grow beds tables are countertop height, perfect to use while standing, or, even nicer for many gardeners, while balanced on a stool.

If you have a cedar deck, our cedar accessories - raised bed gardens plus planters and window boxes - will be first choice. Our tables range up to a full six feet long, and all create a substantial visual presence. If you want to use your Emily's Plants raised bed garden as a potting center, too, you can fill it with pots and remove them at planting time, or just set pots or other plant containers on top of the soil before you adorn your grow beds with new plants.