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Support & Brackets

Support & Brackets

Go beyond walls - window boxes may be your outdoor planters of choice for decks as well as walls when you choose a rail bracket. Their long, low lines perfectly complement your deck, patio or porch railings. Wrought iron fencing or edging? We have the basket bracket you need! Our basket bracket collection is most innovative. Be sure to see the Countryside deck rail bracket, which allows you to hang window box brackets on deck railings without hardware or tools. We work to make your use of every basket bracket we offer as easy and simple as possible. Many customers start in the morning and complete planting in the afternoon with choices from Emily's plants. Choose outstanding wall-mount window box brackets and hanging basket brackets here, too. Count on our heavy duty iron brackets for years.

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Wait - be sure you haven't overlooked window box brackets you will need! Did you know that with the proper window box brackets our window boxes can also be used on the railings of your deck, patio or porch? It's a great way to layer some higher plantings over floor pots or boxes, and to show off arrangements with trailing plants or vines. Some flowers, like Wave petunias, are at their best with room to cascade, and vines look lovely and lively in a hanging basket with them or other plants. Pansies are one of the newest additions to old favorites modified for today's window boxes and hanging baskets.

Our basket bracket selection features a number of traditional window box brackets as well as the latest in the rail bracket world and hanging basket brackets, all in top quality iron or steel that will last for many years. While some people take down their window boxes for the winter, we've not heard of anyone taking their brackets out, so you truly need maximum durability in your window box brackets.

Your basket bracket choice is an aesthetic one, too. Would you prefer lovely scrollwork to frame your plantings in a hanging basket or window box, or more modern, simple lines? See our product descriptions for important information such as the maximum weight or size of planter recommended for each window and hanging basket bracket as well as specs on the size and shape of railings best suited to different basket brackets. We offer hangers for wrought iron fences, too.