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If you think terrariums are only for middle school science projects, a new and wonderful world, the exciting terrarium for plants world for grownups (or kids) awaits! Our terrariums need only a plant or two to grace any room in your home. Hanging terrariums dangling from walls or ceilings are a lovely décor surprise, and larger terrariums beautifully grace a table, indoors or out. The smaller bubble terrariums are the perfect home for small and miniature plants. Some larger plants will stay small to fit their space. Our terrariums are of excellent glass, some blown, and each features an opening large enough to insert and water the number of plants that will fit well and provide needed air. These terrariums, all in especially pleasing shapes to accent their contents, are also perfect to display items including flowers, small shells or stones and a wide variety of keepsakes.

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We hadn't thought a lot about terrariums until our buyer was smitten by some unique and exciting examples. All at once we were hooked. Hanging terrariums are a fun way to display tiny plants, shells or other collections. Add a short candle or flower as another accent. Our bubble style hanging terrariums let you string together as many glass bubbles as you like. They're a breeze to rearrange and a great family project, too.

With a terrarium for plants you can create a gift for children that will hold their attention for months. Maybe years if they get to change the contents. The larger table top terrariums on this page average close to 8" x 8", so even a fairly young child can take charge beginning with planting. Terrariums keep your plant costs low, so if plants don't do well or insist on growing too big it's inexpensive to replace them.

And let's talk air quality. Terrariums were invented in 1827 by Dr. Nathaniel Ward, a physician in London, England. He originally placed chrysalises into closed jars so he could watch butterflies hatch and accidentally discovered that many plants grew better in enclosed environments than in London's sooty air. Plants are very good for your home and you.

Not sure whether you want to start with a table or hanging terrariums for plants? Do both! If you must choose, table terrariums need to be watered a little more often, but are less susceptible to possible plant diseases than hanging terrariums with higher humidity. However, our bubble terrariums range from 5" to 8 1/2" in diameter, so you can ensure plenty of air in hanging terrariums, too. Just use potting soil from a plant nursery to provide the ideal growing medium in table or hanging terrariums.