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Vertical Garden Kits

Vertical Garden Kits

Energize empty wall space with eco-inspired vertical gardens. Luscious and vibrant, living wall systems fall somewhere between a house plant and a vivid painting. And it's precisely this smart combination of design value and organic appeal that makes a vertical garden frame the premier "green" alternative to ordinary wall decor.
Our vertical garden frame products include comprehensive living wall systems, do-it-yourself modular panels and pre-planted arrangements. Create fresh succulent wall art for a low-maintenance accent, or mix and match favorite flowers and greens for a timeless garden arrangement. There are appropriate styles for indoor or outdoor use with endless opportunity to create unique combinations.
Add vertical gardens to the home or office along interior or exterior walls. Base plant choices on usual environmental factors like sunlight and moisture requirements. With the right combination of plants and a healthy planting medium, your white walls will flourish into an irresistible vertical garden.

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  1. Living Wall Karoo Planter- Dark Gray

    Living Wall Karoo Planter- Dark Gray


    Grow a vertical garden with the Karoo Living Wall Planter. Use it alone or as part of a modular green wall system. Not only does it add healthy plant life to your surroundings, it's also made of recycled materials, making it truly "green"! For your convenience, it has a built-it watering system that lets you water all the plants at once without taking it off the wall. Choose from two colors: white and dark grey. It measures 15.25"L x 15.25"W.

    Simple instructions:

    1. Take the planter out of the box it arrived in. You'll see that it has two parts, the base and the frame. A square of fabric is also included.

    2. Remove the frame and fill the base with soil. To make sure the soil doesn't fall out when you hang it on the wall, cover it with the fabric square. It has slits for the plants to peek through. Put the frame over the base and the fabric, holding the fabric in place. Fold open the fabric in each of the nine compartments.

    3. Take your plants out of their pots and moisten the root balls. Plant one in each compartment, between the slits in the fabric. Press down on the potting soil. Water the unit with one liter of water to ensure good contact between root ball and potting soil.

    4. To mount the planter on the wall, use the included screws. Also included is a cardboard guide to help you place the screws and ensure the planter is level. For best results, choose the most secure method for your wall, drilling into studs when possible or using drywall anchors.

    5. Check your soil regularly and water as needed. Use no more than one liter of water at a time. Pour water into the spout at the top of the frame, and it will drip down throughout the soil, watering all the plants. Keep in mind that some water may drip off the plants onto the ground or floor below.

    It's possible to create large living walls by combining multiple modules and linking them together with a watering system. For more information, call customer service at 800-896-0978.

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  2. Medium Vertical Garden Planter - 14"

    Medium Vertical Garden Planter - 14"


    Create a garden like none you've seen before, with our outdoor wall planters. They combine the ease use of sporghum moss with the visual appeal of a vertical garden. You'll find that they make gardening not only easier, but also more fun. Place them together to create a unique display, or even make a living wall or privacy fence to add a cozy spot to your open outdoor areas. They'll work well with a range of flower and greenery options - even some herbs and edibles can be planted using these original planter options.

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Unleash the "green" power of empty wall space with a vertical garden frame. Living wall systems are the premier way to decorate bare facades, partitions and pillars in the home or office. For any setting, interior or exterior, use vertical gardens to refresh with a sense of texture, color and life.

Our assortment of products includes various options for different projects. Purchase a modular vertical garden frame to create your own arrangement from scratch or find pre-populated vertical gardens that come planted and ready to hang. From do-it-yourself succulent wall art, to a fully planted living garden arrangement, find the right product to get your wall growing project off on the right foot.

A living wall system makes a great DIY project for at-home or office decorating. We feature vertical garden frames in an array of styles with varying compartments. And our customers can't believe what types of plants will grow in vertical gardens! Virtually all your favorites, from blooming perennials to cascading vines are right at home in this type of environment.

In addition to DIY projects and modular living wall systems where gardeners can start from scratch, there is also the option to purchase pre-arranged living walls that come ready to display. We feature vertical gardening favorites including lively hand-arranged succulents for a low-maintenance wall hanger. Succulents are known for their easy temperament and drought-resistance and are able to thrive inside or outside.

Explore vertical gardening options by clicking on categories and products above. How to care for garden frames will vary per design and plant types. Irrigation can be provided via regular watering, built-in reservoirs, or drip kits depending on the application.

Living wall art is a premier "green" decoration, and speaks to both contemporary and traditional design aesthetics. Our customers are always looking for a way to combine natural beauty with smart design and a vertical garden does so in timeless fashion!