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Window Boxes

Window Boxes

Window boxes are a lovely addition to life, whether used as a striking flower box or for foliage stunners, herbs or even small vegetables. A window planter is a versatile addition to the container gardening repertoire, a lovely addition to your home's vista and great for adding curb appeal. Our window boxes are especially pleasing because each window planter is a design statement before you even add the plants. Our window planters are highly weather resistant and a flower box from Emily's Plants is surprisingly easy to hang securely with our cleat system. Of course you'll want to use the great horizontal lines of a window box, but cascading vines are a winsome addition and plants with a bit of height can be enjoyed indoors as well as out while accenting your design. Vinyl boxes may be painted to match your home colors.

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Even if you have the space for a large garden, you can never include everything you want. Window boxes are a wonderful complement, whether you design a flower box or foliage display. A window planter has other great things to recommend it. There is no better way to experiment with plants or combinations than in a window box or other container where you can try things out with abandon. Window boxes allow you to indulge in some unusual or simply expensive plants you don't think you can afford on a large scale. If you don't have much outdoor space for gardening, window boxes are an ideal way to add more plant artistry to your home landscape.

We offer the finest materials and designs to help you choose window boxes that add design value to your home. Choose from wood or long-life vinyl planter boxes in classic to contemporary motifs plus several choices of wrought iron cages. Designs range from traditional lattice to both classic and modern, all adding three-dimensional interest to further accent your every flower box. To minimize planting time or if you plan to take some plants inside for part of the year, use flower pots up to 8" in our standard window box size.

Last, window boxes are superb for seasonal decorating. Take Christmas. Glass balls, pine branches and cones, and candy canes are readily available and fit the season as well as a flower box. Add ribbons, garlands or lights to a window planter. Add wreathes or tiny trees. Paint some branches silver or gold, adding decorations if you wish. Or of course go all out with whatever you love most! If your season is over by Halloween, that out-of-season flower box can feature goblins, ghouls and anything else scary for kids to enjoy as they trick-or-treat. On the Fourth of July your window planters add another spot for red, white and blue bunting well spaced to accent your home in patriotic tones.