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Container Gardens and their Placement


A general overview

How To Select, Prepare, And Maintain Your Containers

A general overview

Windowboxes in Brick Apartment Buildings

Mounting windowboxes when you can't use brackets

What Makes A Good Container

A checklist for selecting a container

Container Preparation

A checklist for preparing your container for planting

Container Maintenance

A checklist for caring for your containers

Grouping Containers

The dos and don'ts of container arranging

Your Pots And Aging

Age isn't necessarily a bad thing

Deep Vs. Shallow

How much room does your plant need?

Build it Yourself: A Concrete Planter

Make your own planter out of cement, perlite, and peat moss

How to Build a Windowbox

Simple directions for a simple box

Hanging Houseplants

Add a little lift to your plants indoors

Feng Shui with Houseplants

Decorating for greater happiness

Unusual Containers

From old shoes to test tubes

Flowering Houseplants

Plants that bring outdoor colors indoors

Styles Of Containers

The many shapes and sizes containers can take


The backbone of container gardening

Window Boxes

Charming and very practical

Hanging Baskets

Plants dropping from the ceiling

Wire Frame Moss Baskets

For a burst of color and variety

Plastic Grow Bags

For that "in the ground" feeling

Living Wall Garden Modules

To create that upwardly mobile garden

Securing Containers

Making your containers stay where you put them

Ceiling Mounts

So the hanging basket stays hanging

Wall Mounts

Where to mount boxes and shelves

Railing Mounts

Considering weight, water and weather.

Racks And Tables

Where to put them, and why

Plant Stands

The go-anywhere design option