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Containers - A general overview

Container gardening is wonderful! If you have trouble making up your mind about your garden design, all you have to do is shove a few pots around and you have a new design. If you want to grow exotic plants in a cold climate then container planting will let you fool them into thinking they are right at home in the tropics. And if you like change - containers are about as changeable as you can get.

First of all, you have all kinds of interesting containers, from classic to just plain wild. Don't limit yourself to only commercial pots. As long as you can provide adequate drainage, many flea market or garage sale items can make perfect container gardens. (Tea kettles, wash basins and wheelbarrows are just a few examples.) You'll find a wide selection in the Container Gardens section.

And then you have all kinds of great places to put a container garden - from a tiny balcony to a bare spot in a huge garden - or even indoors. You can hang them from poles or on walls, or set them on rolling carts - or even - (dastardly thought) just put them on the ground!

Finally, almost anything that can be grown in the ground can be grown in a pot - and a few things actually prefer being containerized. (Is that a word?) You can change your floral display seasonally, hide the plants that are getting tattered around the edges, and generally, with a little slight of hand and a wee bit of planning, fool people into thinking you actually know what you're doing.