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Design Issue Dos And Don'ts - Container issues that will affect the beauty of your plant

Pay attention to the foliage as well as the flowers - foliage is actually more important since it is always there while plants go in and out of flower.
Choose a mix of colored, variegated, and green foliage for year-long interest.
Plant a balance of textures - broad leaves, fine leaves, smooth and lacy ones.
Pay attention to heights, varying them for interest from tall to trailing.
Experiment with containers using different varieties and colors of a single plant. Geraniums, for instance, can give you variety in both color and form if you try several varieties.
Try new and unfamiliar plants. Container gardening is a great way to learn about them.
Choose flowers with different forms - daisy-like, trumpet shaped or plumed - for textural interest.
Try this simple formula for interesting container design - tall plant, medium rounded plants, short, trailing plants.
Be afraid to use a base of perennials, changing your annual plants seasonally.
Be afraid to experiment. If you don't like it you can always change it.
Mix too many variegated plants - your container will look confused and chaotic.