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Fire Starting

Depending on your type of grill and your grilling inclinations you’ll have a number of different ways to “light your fire”. Just ask Jim Morrison, Freddy Prince and Richard Pryor. 

The three basic types you’ll consider are gas grills which use propane or liquid petroleum tanks, electric grills which you simply plug in (you lazy bum) and charcoal grills. If using the tanks make sure to read the instructions about storage, care and refilling. You’ll probably want to get a second tank for back-up since there’s nothing worse than having a half cooked chicken when the gas runs out.

Charcoal grills are the least expensive and most common. However, they require a bit of ingenuity in getting your fire started. We recommend newspaper and charcoal briquets with the help of a bucket-type briquet starter. (You can also use wood charcoal or coal but these items a more difficult to find and not as easy to use.) The bucket starter is a hollow cylinder that you place inside the grill which allows for the briquets to light evenly. Pack the newspaper at the bottom, layer it with briquets and light the paper. Once the briquets are lit you simply lift the cylinder and spread them out.

Liquid fire starters, fuel coated substances and thick jelly fire starters are easy to use but we feel they add to existing pollution problems and sometimes (if you don’t let the fuel burn off completely) makes the food taste like a Studebaker. Electric fire starters are another alternative but you need to make sure your grill is close enough to an electrical outlet to plug it in.