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Flowering Houseplants - Plants that bring outdoor colors indoors

Having plants in your home adds décor, style and natural life to your living environment. But having flowering houseplants adds that extra touch - of magnificent color! With so many plants flowering at different times of the year the choice is wide and means that you can add colorful touches and evoke the seasons in your home throughout the calendar months.

Flowering houseplants thrive well in places where there is lots of light, so windowsills or sunny rooms provide ideal conditions. Although it might sound like an easy task, choosing a houseplant can be quite a daunting process as there are so many different flowering varieties in existence. So if you’re stuck and don’t know what to opt for, try the following examples to help ease your worries and pick a great easy-to-grow color provider!

African Violet a popular plant as it flowers regularly throughout the year with small lilac, purple, red or white flowers. Likes sunny windows and can bloom with as little as 2 hours of sun per day.

Azalea an attractive flowering plant, available in a wide range of colors, from white to crimson, azaleas guarantee a splash of vividness.

Begonia flowers in the Summer and through to the Autumn with a blaze of blooms.

Busy Lizzie a well-known houseplant that flowers almost continuously.

Cyclamen blooms for the Winter period. Available in a wide range of colors and has delicate flower heads.

Hot Water Plant comes in upright or trailing varieties and has blue, pink, purple or violet flowers.

Peace Lily has fragrant, waxy white flowers and elegant dark green leaves.

Poinsettia produces bright red flowers at Christmas to add a splash of color to the festive season.

Shrimp Plant a shrubby plant that has distinctive and eye-catching shrimp-like flowers at the end of its stems. Grows well in sunny windows with warmth in the day and cool air at night.

Streptocarpus an attractive plant sporting white, purple, blue or pink flowers. Grows well in a semi-shaded window.