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Compost Bins

Compost Bins

Anyone who gardens will love a compost bin! Composting is a simple process of combining plant materials, such as kitchen waste, plant trimmings, grass clippings and/or dried leaves, to create the world's best fertilizer. Composting is as easy as combining different waste materials and just leaving them alone to compost, or, for faster compost, using a compost tumbler. Look into active or hot composting for faster compost outdoors, too. For those who want to kitchen compost we've found a dandy countertop kitchen composter. It comes with useful accessories and a biomix to speed composting. Mix your compost into house plant pots and outdoor container planters or use them in an outdoor garden bed. And, thinking of those usually left out of the compost bin market because so many compost tumblers are so large, we offer a porch compost tumbler and back yard compost bin.

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Until you try composting, it may be hard to imagine the good feelings you get when you create your own compost. When you create compost, you also know that creating kitchen compost, or a larger quality with an outdoor compost bin, keeps kitchen and plant waste out of the ever-filling landfills around the world. Did you know that New York and some other large cities already export their garbage? Or that a fourth of all U.S. garbage is now transported across state lines for final disposal? A scary thought for any community that might become a destination.

Just what happens when you compost, whether in a compost bin or pile outdoors, or our Countertop Kitchen Composter? When the different plants (plus coffee grounds and, in our kitchen compost maker even eggs and meat) break down, the many soil nutrients and minerals they contain are freed to combine into new, soil-like material that is an ideal fertilizer because its sources are all natural. A compost bin helps composting because warmth creates moisture and heat to speed decomposition. Our outdoor and compost tumblers allow you to continually turn your compost by handle rather than by hand, which can be tough on the back. Turning often also leaders to faster composting.

We must tell you more about the Countertop Kitchen Composter because we've had so many requests for just such a product over the years. This is not a kitchen waste bucket where you store scraps until you take them outside. This is a complete composting unit that outputs both liquid and crumbly compost. Using beneficial microbes in Bokashi (a fermented bran we deliver with the kitchen composter) it takes only about four weeks to produce both compost tea from its spout and solid organic compost. The airtight lid seals in odors. Your first two cycles of Bokashi come with this unique kitchen compost bin. Countertop Kitchen Composters tuck nicely under the sink or in a panty.