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Hand Tools

Hand Tools

The right garden tools make a big difference in pleasure and success in gardening. For the new gardener, or someone who started out with entry-level gardening hand tools that don't do their tasks very well, we have pulled together the essentials in hand tools for garden success. You will use our 2 piece carbon steel pruning set, a bypass pruner (the best - be sure you get bypass!) and lightweight trimmer as garden tools almost every day. If you add any of the dozens of bulb plants (tulips, daffodils, alliums, etc.) to your landscape, you will treasure our bulb planter garden tools. For the indoor gardener's tools and garden needs, we offer the Deluxe Indoor Tool & Tote Set. The hard-to-find, container-sized gardening tools are die-cast aluminum and guaranteed for life. They include mini pruner, snips, rake, trowel, shovel and glass plant mister bottle, all tucked in a handy cream-colored tote with green trim.

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  1. 3-Piece Garden Tool Set

    3-Piece Garden Tool Set


    Get three fundamental gardening supplies all in one package. The Spear & Jackson Traditional Gardening Tool Kits are a great starting point for any garden utensil collection. Each three-piece kit contains:

    • (1) hand trowel
    • (1) hand fork
    • (1) potting spade

    Each garden tool is made up of a polished stainless steel head and weatherproofed hardwood handle. Metal heads are resistant to rust and soil adhesion. And to back lasting use, gardening tool kits carry a 10-year manufacturer's warranty.

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  2. Traditional Gardening Spade (28in. Handle)

    Traditional Gardening Spade (28in. Handle)


    Behind every thriving landscape is a great shovel. This garden tool is just the device you need for tending to flower beds and tree circles. And each Spear & Jackson Gardening Spade offers superior performance including the lowest possible soil adhesion and rust resistant use. All backed by a 10-year manufacturer's warranty.

    Garden Shovel Specifications

    • 28" hardwood shaft; weatherproofed
    • Ultra-strong wishbone handle
    • Mirror polished stainless steel head
    • Extra long socket; max strength
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  3. Heritage Forged Digging Spade (32 in. Handle)

    Heritage Forged Digging Spade (32 in. Handle)


    Unearth your garden's potential with the Heritage Digging Spade. Garden tools are only as good as the materials they're made with, and this one features all the best. From the one-piece slow growth ash shaft, to the treaded blade, each piece promotes exceptional strength and comfort. A superior gardening shovel for moving earth, potting soil, mulch and more.

    Product Features / Specs

    • Spear & Jackson Digging Spade
    • Comes with 10-year warranty
    • One-piece shaft; slow growth ash
    • Traditional YD grip; max comfort
    • Solid forged head; no breakage
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  4. Traditional Stainless Steel Gardening Fork (28 in. Handle)

    Traditional Stainless Steel Gardening Fork (28 in. Handle)


    Loosen up flower beds with this Stainless Steel Gardening Fork. For sale online, these garden tools are brought to you by Spear & Jackson – a trusted name in the industry.

    Product Features

    • Extra long socket yields max power
    • 28" hardwood shaft; weatherproofed
    • Shaft splits into traditional wishbone handle
    • Stainless steel head; rust resistant
    • Polished head reduces soil adhesion

    This product carries a 10-year manufacturer's warranty. For other quality Spear & Jackson garden tools click here.

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  5. Traditional Stainless Steel Rounded Garden Shovel

    Traditional Stainless Steel Rounded Garden Shovel


    Work in the margins between plants with this Spear & Jackson Rounded Gardening Spade. Border shovels have a rounded head for removing plants in the middle of a garden bed or creating new holes. Use in combination with a traditional spade, digging fork and rake hand tools for total garden care.

    Product Features: 28" shaft made of weatherproofed hardwood, sturdy wishbone handle, stylish traditional design, mirror polished head, extra long socket.

    Benefits: Oversized socket yields max strength, split shaft for comfort, head is resistant to rust and soil adhesion.

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  6. Traditional Garden Border Fork (28 in. Handle)

    Traditional Garden Border Fork (28 in. Handle)


    Making for a happy garden, hand tools by Spear and Jackson are also a pleasure to use. The 28" Gardening Forks have thinner, shorter stainless steel tines that are closer together. This makes it an ideal border tool for detail tasks like breaking up soil, weeding and dividing plant roots. But don't let this garden fork's smaller tines fool you. The weatherproofed hardwood shaft with riveted YD handle is still just as powerful as you need it to be. Other features include:

    • 10-year manufacturer's warranty
    • Mirror polished head minimizes soil adhesion
    • Weather and rust resistant
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  7. Classic Garden Rake

    Classic Garden Rake


    Keep yards spick and span with gardening rakes. Great for clearing up leaves and light thatch, this classic lawn rake design is built for lasting use by the trusted manufacturer Spear & Jackson. A wonderful addition to any repertoire of outdoor and yard tools.

    Garden Rakes Feature:

    • Pliant tines for easy sweeping
    • Rust resistant stainless steel head
    • 60" ash wood shaft; weatherproofed
    • Easy handling

    For more lawn and garden hand tools online at Windowbox, click here. Learn More

  8. Razor Sharp Anvil Loppers (Tree Hand Pruners)

    Razor Sharp Anvil Loppers (Tree Hand Pruners)


    Reach and trim branches with the Spear & Jackson Tree Hand Pruners. These heavy duty garden shears are designed to give the trimmer good leverage while pruning branches up to 1.75"D. And a non-slip grip makes anvil loppers user-friendly for a powerful, smooth cut every time. Great for small tree branches and shrubbery. Other features:

    • PTFE-coated anvil is rust resistant
    • Lightweight, sturdy grips
    • 26"L lopper for ultimate reach
    • Ultimate power with minimal effort
    • Less twisting, more control
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  9. Garden Edging Tool - Stainless Steel Swoe Hoe

    Garden Edging Tool - Stainless Steel Swoe Hoe


    Get at tough-to-weed areas with a durable, lightweight Swoe Hoe. These specialty garden hoes are designed specifically for compact areas where plant density is high. The triple-edged, tilted blade makes it easy to maneuver within garden beds and remove weeds while leaving desired roots unharmed. A must-add for any green thumb's tool collection. Edging tools feature:

    • 3 cutting edges, ultimate versatility
    • Extra-long 60" handle, more reach
    • Handle is weatherproofed wood
    • Head is rust resistant stainless steel
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Do gardening tools make a garden? Well, yes. And even more important, garden tools make the gardener. If you've ever used a poor tool for something, you know the work took longer, you made more mistakes, and sometimes you finally had to give up and buy a better tool. You can avoid frustration and lost time when you buy or give good gardening tools.

How do you recognize good garden tools? First, materials. Demand good quality steel or aluminum. If the finish appears to be chipping at the edges, those tools are not for you. Does a gardening tool like a pruner, which opens and closes, do so easily and without sticking? A pruner that sticks shut is an endless hassle. Examine the blade carefully - if the cutting edge is very smooth it will be sharper. The store may be able to demonstrate sharpness - running your finger along the edge of a good pruner is likely to result in a cut! See our pruner and trimmer garden tool set.

Tools and garden also mesh when you decide to try some indoor houseplants, or bring summer pots indoors for the winter. You won't believe how much easier it is to use our garden tools sized for pots. An outdoor trowel is just plain too big for many indoor pots, and using a serving spoon less than satisfactory. Note the sharp end on the small trowel in our Deluxe Indoor Tool & Tote set. Fits anywhere. The trimmer and can pare unruly roots to allow your plants to grow better. This set of gardening tools also includes a rake plus a plant mister. Indoor air is usually dryer than plants like. You'll be amazed at what a little misting can do. The tote for these tools and garden mister is handy as you go from plant to plant and ensures you'll find all your gardening tools in one place.