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Plant Lights

Plant Lights

Sometimes indoor light isn't quite enough. Indoor plant lights solve that problem. Plant grow lights are the best solution when a flowering plant doesn't bloom or blooms poorly and when a foliage plant fails to thrive. Our plant lights can assist one plant or perhaps several - you may be able to rotate time under indoor plant lights daily and sometimes every other day. Plants need a night period of darkness, too. Our Intelligent Plant Lights do more than you might expect. The stem of these indoor plant lights adjusts for plants 7" to 14" tall, and these plant lights - you may want more than one - can be programmed to turn on and off daily as the seasons change and will even signal when a plant needs water. These indoor plant lights are like a nanny for your houseplants with a fine furniture look to grace your home.

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The Intelligent Plant Light becomes your best friend when that lovely plant you bought, or gave, fails to live up to its potential in a home or office setting. If you've watered and fertilized without much response, indoor plant lights can probably bring that lovely orchid, demure violet, tasty herb or other plant back to its full glory.

Plant grow lights like our Intelligent Plant Light provide the full spectrum of sunlight every plant needs to thrive. Here are a few widely used houseplants that often need light supplementation from indoor plant lights. First, flowering plants including begonias, bromeliads, African violets, orchids and cyclamens. And holiday plants that may flower especially well with the help of indoor plant lights (which then need a breather to come back next year) include poinsettia, amaryllis and Christmas cactus. Foliage plants that often like plant grow lights to thrive include polka-dot plant, spider plant, peperomia, nerve plant, and aloe vera.

Since plant lights don't just create light, but rather replicate the several kinds of light that come to us as sunlight, plant grow lights are ideal for the indoor gardener who doesn't have full south window light, allowing her or him to grow plants that require part or even full sun. If the latter, your plants will want up to 14 - 16 hours a day under plant lights, but also will need eight hours of darkness to mimic their natural cycle. Tropical plants, of course, will need indoor plant lights in many cases (lots of moisture, too). But they open up even more possibilities for interior plants.

Plant grow lights and plants are lovely gifts for offices as well as homes. Plants encourage calm and discourage stress. Several plants may be in order! Plants, whether under plant lights or not, also clean the air, improving the overall quality of indoor air.