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Trellises and Obelisks

Trellises and Obelisks

Train flowers, plants and vines on a garden trellises, garden arbors and obelisks from Emily's Plants. Relax on your patio while appreciating the beauty of nature as it winds its way through the open framework of its specific design. Use arbor as a rose trellis or sow climbing plants such as ivy, clematis and the purple flowers of wisteria to create a garden pathway to remember. Create a work of garden art using a garden obelisk in the front yard. Plants and flowers are happy to conform to the unique shapes and sizes as they envelope the sturdy metal frame of the garden screens.

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Garden Trellises for Training Vines

Garden trellises have long been favorites for training vines and flowers to climb and flourish in a confined space. And while the rose trellis may be the most commonly used in English and American gardens, they are by far not the only foliage used for such screens. Obelisks, too, are very popular with garden aficionados as they make great moss-covered architectural focal points for the yard. Besides our trellises for sale and perpendicular obelisks, we also carry round and basket style obelisks for variety. Made with sturdy metal frames, each trellis and obelisk we sell is designed to withstand wind and rain, easily "planted" in the ground to provide a reliable structure on which to grow your vining and flowering greenery.

Unique Garden Screens

Trellises, or garden screens as they are sometimes known, come in all shapes, styles and sizes. We carry over a half dozen designs from which to choose, with intricate scroll work and flourishes. Some have squared, definable tops. Others display a metal garden arch motif on top with curves and curlicue displays. Regardless of which style you prefer for your garden, all of our metal and black wrought iron trellises are powder coated to prevent rust and undue wear. All trellises provide sturdy, long-wearing structures on which to train your vines, roses and other plants to wind in, around and up. Clematis and wisteria are also perfect vining flowers to climb garden screens, providing vivid color in the process as they make their way to the top.

Plant Stands, Planters and Obelisks

Decorative rolling plant stands, metal planters nestled in powder coated wrought iron planters, as well as moss covered obelisks are also perfect additions to your garden or patio. Our plant stands all come on wheels, making them easy to move the heaviest planter filled with flowers, shrubs and small trees. Add one of our planter pots in wrought iron cages. They reveal copper or bronze tone containers that foster a touch of elegance to any outdoor landscape. And with our smaller obelisks and wire mesh baskets, you can create a distinctive arrangement of flowers to complement the rest of your garden motif.