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Give your mom a 'hand'

Mom will be delighted when you give her a container garden that you designed with your own two hands - literally! You'll need a clay pot, acrylic paints in various colors, a paint pen, a small paintbrush, a paper plate, and a can of spray-on sealer. 

Ask Dad or another adult to help you pour some paint onto the paper plate. Put your hand, palm side down, into the paint. Make sure paint covers your entire hand. Make a practice print on a piece of newspaper to remove any excess paint from you hand. Then, make a handprint directly onto the clay pot. If you have brothers or sisters, let them do the same. Let dry.

Add interesting details and designs around the handprints and around the top of the clay pot. Swirls, polka-dots, lightning bolts, circles, X's, or flowers are just a few of the designs you can do. Be creative!

After the paint has dried, about an hour or so, write your name under your handprint with the paint pen. Let the pot dry completely, then spray the sealer all over the pot. This is best done outside with the help of an adult. Let dry overnight.

Fill the pot with potting soil, then plant Mom's favorite plant inside. She'll be delighted on Mother's Day morning to see your "handy" work!

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