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Grouping Containers - The do's and dont's of container arranging

The big idea when visually grouping containers is "rhythm." Groups of threes work well. Pile them up. Put some on bricks or empty beer cans to raise them up. (The importance of beer in gardening will be discussed at length in another website, to be funded by the Windowbox Foundation, the endowment of which will depend entirely on your contributions).
Here are a few dos and don'ts of arranging containers:
    Try them lots of different ways to see what works.
    Change them frequently, to keep both you and the plants from getting into a rut.
    Consider painting your pots different colors, or wrapping them in images from magazines.
    Put plants against your dwelling, and in spots like doorways.
    Consider the Feng Shui of plant placement: plants absorb and collect Chi - they can keep it from bouncing around and driving you crazy, but you don't want them to shut it down all together. (For more on Feng Shui, the ancient Chinese art of arranging objects to maximize energy - kind of like acupuncture for your house - look it up!)
    Be afraid to try anything.
    Have identical pots with different plants in them.
    Have huge pots with tiny plants.
    Try to grow corn unless you have lots of space and huge pots.
    Grow stuff you are allergic to.
    Put small plants where people will trip on them, or smash them when they bring in the groceries, or stub their toes on them (it's bad to curse at plants).