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Hanging Baskets - Plants dropping from the ceiling

Unless a crane or a derrick are amongst your garden tool supplies, the key thing to look for in a hanging basket is lightness. In the first place, you have to be able to lift it up to its hanging place and in the second, you don't want it pulling down the porch roof or straightening out its hanging hook.

To be on the safe side you will probably want to choose a hanging basket that is unbreakable. Probably your best choice for the actual planting basket is plastic. If you hate the look, then put the plastic pot into a wire container stuffed with sphagnum moss for a more natural look, or cover the pot with a wicker basket and hang that. Or put several small plastic pots into a wicker basket for an easily changeable display. After all, it's up high - no one will be able to peer in to see what you've done.

Hanging baskets will need frequent watering, which is another reason to use a planting container that holds in moisture. In hot weather a hanging basket can need watering twice a day - and to avoid stressing out your little "green babies" you need to give them all the help you can.

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