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House Plants

House Plants

Bring color and life to your home with decorative house plants from Emily's Plants. We carry a wide variety of indoor plants and flowers, perfect for your home or business. Choose from lucky bamboo, several bonsai plants for sale, peace lilies, both green and flowering plants, and numerous succulents. After you are done adorning your own home or business, consider sending a gift to friends, family or business associates. When you send live gift plants, people know how much you care and are appreciated. When you send plants to others, it not only brightens their home or office but also their day. Whether you choose from any of our potted flowers, from our extensive succulent collection, bamboo or bonsais, recipients will treasure both the thought as well as enjoy one of the best indoor plants available on the market today. Each house plant is carefully packaged and arrives with a gift message too. For additional information, please speak with one of our sales associates at 760-707-5415.

Featured Categories

House Plants Add Color to Your Home or Office

Live plants add color, greenery and often fragrance to your home, invigorating and enlivening your interior decor. When you add house plants to your space, they can definitely change the mood and feel of where you reside. And with our large variety to choose from, we are confident you will find just the perfect item to brighten up a corner, coffee table, the kitchen counter or the family room. After all, few things bring life to a home better than indoor plants and flowers. Select from beautiful baskets, elegant pots that cradle gorgeous blossoms and robust green leaves,any of our delicate and exotic bonsai plants for sale, and hearty bamboo, to name a few choices available to you. Potted flowers offer an elegant way to decorate your home's interior.

House Plants Make Great Gifts

There are many reasons and seasons for gift-giving, from birthdays to holidays to housewarming presents. And what better item to give than live gift plants. And plants with flowers last far longer than fresh cut stems. Don't forget: succulents are the perfect gift when you want to send plants for friends and family who need an easy care alternative. They require little water and always look rich and full-bodied no matter what room you set them in - even rooms without windows. And with over a dozen options to choose from, you will have no trouble delighting the recipient with a departure from the common housewarming gift. Succulents are one of our best indoor plants categories with so many choices. They come in planters or wall hangings, baskets and rustic wooden containers for a natural look, and much more.

Indoor Plants and Flowers for the Office

A potted plant, whether it is the polka dotted plant or a miniature blooming rose, warms up the office with a touch of sophistication and grace. What's more, they can bring the look of nature inside. Send plants to colleagues who have performed beyond expectations, congratulate co-workers on work anniversaries, even on a retirement. You can treat yourself to gorgeous new blooms for the desk too, whether it is a lucky bamboo, a peace lily or one of the other stunning selections we carry. For additional information about ordering your next house plant, please call 760-707-5415 to speak with one of our plant specialists today.

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