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One of the many reasons to buy bonsai is the sense of peace that tends to steal over you if you take even a few moments to look at a tiny bonsai tree. And while evergreen trees such as junipers started the indoor bonsai tradition, an ever-growing number of plants, including those known for their flowers, are available as indoor bonsai. To buy bonsai you or a giftee will enjoy for years, just stay on this page. If you're a bit traditional and prefer to stick with green when you buy bonsai plants, you'll choose one of our junipers, with each bonsai tree presented in the perfect clay bonsai pot. Want something different? Bonsai plants now include azalea, bougainvillea and gardenia, their bright blossoms accented by deep green leaves. When you buy bonsai, be sure to note whether you like the planter. It will be with you for a long time.

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Bonsai plants are a lovely gift from Japan. Personal space has been limited in Japan for centuries, which gave birth to exquisite, tiny plants for indoor bonsai as well as outdoor bonsai trees. A direct translation of bonsai from the Japanese is "tree in a tray," thus the low pots that reflect the lines of bonsai plants. Indoor bonsai is an art in itself, and most people who buy bonsai request the finished plant rather than mastering the art and then spending years to develop their own bonsai tree or bonsai plants. As you see, our indoor bonsai plants have already been growing for two to five years. Good news! Skillfully grown bonsai plants are easy to maintain if you follow your bonsai plant's lines when you trim. You may want small shears or trimmers designed specifically for bonsai plants. On the other hand, when you receive a bonsai tree or indoor bonsai, if you see a different shape, your bonsai can be gradually trimmed to new lines.

Our collection of buy bonsai treasures includes three junipers, the favorite for bonsai plants over the centuries. Junipers shape to indoor bonsai lines readily and hold them well. In recent years horticulturists have worked to expand the number bonsai plants, and we have added three new choices in indoor bonsai - gardenia, azalea and bougainvillea. Now you can add accents in white, deep spring rose or deepest pink and lavender tones. Lovely. All of these plants will last for a very long time if you care for them, so be sure to choose a planter you enjoy. It's part of the peace a bonsai tree or plant offers its owner. Buy bonsai to enjoy plants such as bougainvillea if you live in a four-season climate. Did you know that bougainvillea is called the Paper Flower Plant because its colorful bracts stay on the plant and fade slowly as it passes out of bloom? Gardenias and azaleas also have limited zones, so indoor bonsai plants are a lovely way to enjoy their blooms.