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Flowering Plants

Flowering Plants

Flowering plants add flair to gifts. When you buy plants online, you may worry about their quality upon delivery. By choosing Emily's Plants you are assured that blooming plants will arrive fully graced with blossoms. Our eclectic choices in flowering potted plants include roses, gardenias, kalanchoes, lavenders and azaleas, all of which re-bloom for continued excitement as flowering plants. When you buy plants online we ensure they will performs as lovely green plants out of blossom as well as in. See each of our flowering potted plants for pot sizes and large photos to help you make great choices when selecting blooming plants for anyone and everyone on your gift list.

The containers chosen for Emily's Plants blooming plants are so unique you may find yourself choosing by container rather than plant! All blend beautifully into groups, too.

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Do flowering plants come to mind when you think about sending a gift plant? Then this selection is perfect for you to buy plants online. Do you love the classic drama of roses or azaleas, among everyone's favorite flowering potted plants? We even offer three different colors in our rose family. Our less traditional blooming plants include elegant and exotic white gardenias, vivid red kalanchoes and lavender for scent and spicing as well as beauty.

Our containers for flowering plants ensure that each will present high style in impeccable taste when you buy plants online from Emily's Plants. The containers for our blooming plants are chosen to look well in any d├ęcor and with a variety of colors. Plants are generously sized, ranging up to 16" tall.

If someone already has house or office plants, you can be sure she or he will welcome another. A plant doesn't need to fit anyone, nor does it conflict with anyone's diet. Zero calories. It's a welcome addition to any - or every - room in the house. Indoors or outdoors, too. Great for a patio, deck or porch. In warmer climates, our selections can go into the ground to make an exceptional outdoor plant. In colder climates they can summer outdoors and winter inside.

Many flowers have traditional meanings. Roses have symbolized love and passion since the ancient Greeks and Romans and are the national flower of the United States. When Romans needed to have a confidential discussion, they placed a rose on the door to warn away anyone not in the conversation. So if you see a rose upon a door | Other meanings for the flowers you may choose when you buy plants online: azaleas, abundance; gardenias, joy; lavender, loyalty. Kalanchoe, an African native, didn't come into wide use until after the great Victorian frenzy to assign a meaning to any plant that didn't already have one.