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Green Plants

Green Plants

Indoor plants vibrantly enrich decor, and green plants enhance moods. But when you think about giving home or office plants, do you wonder how to choose the best leafy or evergreen plants?

We take the guesswork out of indoor plants! See our descriptions for green plants' sizes and watering needs. Our collections feature classics as well the latest and greatest home and office plants, each in a planter or basket designed to perfectly accent its unique lines and size. Many of our office plants bloom and all are evergreen plants indoors.

Our plants are more than lovely. Each is carefully grown to ship at its peak of perfection. Enjoy the many silhouettes and varied color accents. Choose herbs for practical as well as decorative gifts and enjoy their lovely scents, too.

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When should you give a gift of indoor plants? Well, let's see. Green plants are perfect to celebrate. Evergreen plants or flowering plants (they take only moments more in care than simple green plants), are a wonderful addition to any occasion - a success or birthday, for instance.

But what about someone who needs a lift? Indoor plants contribute to positive moods and add calm to their surroundings, whether used as office plants or home d├ęcor. To pick up someone's spirits, evergreen plants should always be on your list.

You will find that our container choices are unrivaled - so much more exciting than a plastic nursery pot, which instantly calls for gathering or buying supplies to repot to a decorative pot or finding a basket or other item to cover the original container. Both can be time-consuming and expensive, and we all prefer not to stick a giftee or ourselves with extra work or purchases.

Sometimes we think of plant gifts only for women, but men are just as likely to enjoy home or office plants. To play it safe, when plant gifting a guy you don't know well, you may want to stick with green plants that don't flower, or herb plants for guys who cook.

And of course indoor plants are wonderful to encourage recovery from illness, injury or surgery. Their gentle growth is a calm, inspiring presence day in and day out, and a point of celebration as recovery progresses. And for times of stress or disappointment, which also call for the recovery evergreen plants foster.

Now, which plant to choose? Our indoor plants offer the perfect selections geared to the size, shape and budget you prefer when selecting evergreen plants as gifts. Or for you - this is a great time to add to your home or office plants, too!