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Lucky Bamboo

Lucky Bamboo

Good luck plants! Need we say more about the lucky bamboo and its mates? Yes, because these good luck plants offer so much more. Each one of these good luck plants has true fascination - the braided money plant for its intriguing trunk, the pony tail plant for its unusual umbrella of falling stems, the bonsai sago palm for being just what a palm should look like, and of course the lime tones and subtly changing shape of the lucky bamboo, which will thrive almost anywhere. Size varies, with the large money tree poised to grown up the 36" - it can become a floor plant.

When selecting one of these plants, note the unique containers carefully chosen for each plant. When you buy from Emily's plants you know each gift will be truly showcased.

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Plants for good luck? What a good idea! We offer a top selection of lucky bamboo and other easy-care good luck plants that do well in any light conditions, ready to ship at a moment's notice from you. Lucky bamboo is probably the star best known for good luck, and is as beloved by people as by China's panda bears, who demand bamboo as their primary diet. Because bamboo is fast-growing and highly renewable, you need not worry about the environment being poached. Gold rings accent the bamboo plant and assure its upright growth.

However, don't stop there when thinking about this group, all known as plants for good luck. Money tree obviously has a positive association, and its braided trunk never loses interest. The ponytail plant is a most intriguing shape, similar to weeping willows, and the sago bonsai exults in lush, ferny lines. So enjoy choosing among our irresistible good luck plants, each further enhanced by just the right container for both growth and artistry.

If there is a child in the household receiving the plant you will send, they love each and every one of the good luck plants. For younger children we are a bit partial to the river rock lucky bamboo and bonsai sago because you can follow what the roots as well as the tops are doing. Way fun for kids and adults.

These good luck plants originated in the Far East, where they have been revered for good fortune properties for centuries. Our lucky bamboo comes from original stock in Taiwan, and is an exceptionally long-lived plant requiring almost no care. Sago palm is celebrated as a no-fail plant, great for beginners, and our bonsai sago is special. These are always well-chosen plant gifts. You would enjoy one, too.