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Peace Lilies

Peace Lilies

Peace lilies are a dramatic choice in plant gifts and surprisingly are undemanding in care, tolerating dryness and low light conditions found in many homes and offices. Everyone welcomes plant gifts like the peace lily. We've added a calla to this group, too. Care is similar, except a calla lily needs a little more light than a peace lily. Both originate in the tropics and thrive when their soil is kept damp, but allowed to almost dry between waterings.

With dramatic dark green, lance-shaped leaves and snowy blossoms, the peace lily is striking even among our plant gifts. Callas have slightly twisted leaves and come in various colors. Peace lilies actually add to indoor health! When NASA studied sick building syndrome, peace lilies were rated among the top 10 air-cleaning plants.

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When you want to be sure you are sending plant gifts that will be welcome and provide years of easy-care plant display for anyone, no matter his or her skill with plants, the peace lily should be high on your list.

Peace lilies thrive in almost any light, and their deep green, lance-shaped leaves stand in dramatic contrast to their unique, pure-white blossoms. Somewhat more light enhances frequent blooms, and peace lilies like to be watered slightly before their soils dries out. Plant gifts just don't get any better than the peace lily's combination of great appearance and ease of care and placement.

We've added similar calla lilies to this collection to punch up your color choices. Care is very similar - callas require a bit more bright light, but not direct sun. Their leaves ripple a bit more than peace lilies.

Even one plant can dramatically change the ambiance of an office or room in a home, and groups of plants make a lovely statement. Plant gifts are an especially versatile gift. No matching, sizing or calorie-counting to worry about! Our peace lilies and other plant gifts arrive perfectly grown to showcase their beauty and instantly raise the spirits of whomever is around, including, of course, the lucky recipient.