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How to Build a Windowbox - Simple directions for a simple box

Even a novice woodworker can put together a simple windowbox that will last for years.

For a window less than three feet wide, you will need one ten foot 1x6. We prefer cedar or redwood for their natural resistance to weather.

You will also need 24 fasteners, brass or stainless steel screws won't rust and hold much better than nails.

To attach the box to the house, use a pair of hooks and eyescrews for easy removal when you want to change plantings.

Tools needed are a saw, a drill and a screwdriver.

Measure your window and cut two pieces of the board that length. Cut a third piece an inch and half longer, this will be the front and will cover the end caps. The two ends should measure five and a half inches high by six and a quarter inches wide.

Joining the pieces together will be much easier if you pre-drill the holes. Be sure to drill holes in the bottom for drainage. For a bit fancier design, angle the front edge of the bottom board and endcaps.

Voila! You just built your very own windowbox.