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Imagining Your Space - Things to think about when dreaming up your garden

One of the best parts of creating a container garden is just sitting and imagining what your garden could be. This is your chance to be creative - express yourself. Here are some things to think about while you're imagining, to help you make the wisest choices for your particular needs.Where are you are going to sit? Is there room in your planting space for a folding chair? Two chairs and a small table? When you sit inside and look out at your garden, what will your angle be?

Where are you going to move? Do you walk through your garden regularly, or will you only be out there when you work on it? What do you do out there now?

What do you want to highlight or conceal? Are there any features already in your planting space you really love or hate? These could include any sort of built-in item, such as a birdbath, barbecue, a particularly interesting rain spout, or an ugly wall or view.

What plants will work for you? Look at other people's plants - look in stores, houses, restaurants, etc. Look at surprising "volunteer" plants (weeds) that have taken hold around town. Put all of these into the mill of your brain and see what comes out.

What about the size and location of your containers? How many plants will be needed to fill them properly? Will those plants be in sun all day, part shade, or all day shade? Will you want perennials that may need to be moved indoors during winter?

It seems like a lot of things to keep in mind. But, pick a nice day, sit outside, and no doubt you'll regret you didn't have more to think about.