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Living off the Land

Great kitchen gardens don't have to be huge. A few judiciously planted containers can make your balcony garden yield a harvest many suburbanites would die for. Fellow city folk will marvel at the fresh produce from your potted plot of earth.

The true test, however, is the menu: How will you put it all together into a meal you can be proud to serve? Don't worry! We've got you covered. We've got recipes for just about everything you can harvest in the sections that follow.

And there are plenty of options. You could start your home-grown meal with a fresh salad. Think mixed greens, tomatoes, arugula, carrots -- there isn't much you can grow in a pot that you can't throw in a salad! Then, move on to a soup course, perhaps a vichyssoise or gazpacho, for instance. There are unique recipes for appetizers, vegetable-based entrees, and much more. And don't forget herbs and edible flowers, which can spice up and dress up any garden-inspired plate.

Remember, if you see it growing out there on your terrace, we've probably got a recipe for it right here. Happy cooking!