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Living Wall Garden Modules - To create that upwardly mobile garden

Yup, living walls - or living fences, arches, or even gazebos. Living wall garden modules are plastic containers, many of which can be interlocked to form structures. They can also be hung, placed on poles, or set up as stand alone boxes -- a living pillar of bloom or vegetation once it fills out. They are filled with a special inorganic soil mix that cuts down tremendously on watering needs and are supposed to be good for 10 years of growing.

The advantage to these and similar products is that they mean you can garden anywhere -- even straight up against a wall or in a small corner. It's a bit like a portable version of square foot gardening. The water retention capability of the growing medium means less watering and less worry about tender young plant-babies.

Because of their versatility, living wall garden modules are an excellent choice for elderly or handicapped gardeners, since they can be adjusted to a height that makes them easy to reach. They come with poles, extension rods, casters and many other accessories which will help adapt them to your needs.

Of course, they are also a terrific challenge for the imaginative person with a yen for garden creativity. But you must plant lushly -- or you'll end up with a plastic box with a couple flowers poking out.