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Neighborhood Politics - Taking your two legged friends into consideration

lose your eyes and imagine your garden for a few seconds. Odds are pretty good your vision didn't include you having a heated debate with your landlord about water damage or arguing with your neighbor about your plants blocking his/her view. (And if it did - seek counseling.)

Most people who container garden are in to it for the beauty, and as an escape from the stress of everyday life - not a political venture. But if you don't take the human factors into account before planting your garden, your dream oasis can become a nightmare.

What human factors should be considered?

  • Liability issues surrounding garden maintenance and securing containers. 
  • Neighbor concerns and dealing with your neighbor's pets. 
  • Landlord concerns and protecting the building from damage. 
  • Creating a safe garden to prevent injury to yourself and others. 
  • Requirements of homeowner's associations and condo boards.

Always keep in mind that what you do affects other people. Neighborhood politics can be tricky, but you'll find that you can bribe yourself out of almost any situation with an offer of free vine-ripe tomatoes. Be honest, considerate, and generous...and you may even find that you don't need to escape to your garden oasis to find relief from stress in your life.