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Nurturing - Mulching

Eating rotten refuse isn't always so bad, as long as you're a plant. Actually, mulch, which is composed of materials such as dead leaves or grass clippings, is a great source of nutrients for your plants.

A layer of mulch on top of the soil also helps protect your plants from over-drying and from soil-borne diseases. It encourages beneficial microorganisms, and does the Earth a good turn by recycling organic materials. Finally, a healthy layer of mulch for your plants saves you from extra watering and weeding.

Mulching should be done each spring, and repeated as the decomposing material breaks down. Make sure the soil is moist beforehand, especially during hot weather.

Carefully spread a thick layer of mulch on top of the soil around the stem and over the root area of each plant. If you have enough mulch you can cover the entire container, but it is better to give each plant a healthy dose than to spread it thinly throughout.

When you see how happy your plant becomes, you won't deny it, mulching is the only rotten way to treat your plant!