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Nurturing - Planting

From homeless shelter to deluxe condo in five minutes! Planting takes only a little time, but has a great effect on a new plant.

Before you plant, check carefully beneath the leaves for pests. Rinse the entire plant under the tap to ensure there are no stowaways.

With some plants, such as rose bushes, you may soak the roots in water mixed with a little bleach to further safeguard from pests and disease.

Be sure your container has proper drainage, with clean rocks, shards of terra cotta, a coffee filter, or a screen over the drainage hole. Fill the container with a couple of inches of fresh potting soil, to about the point where the plant's roots will reach. Center your plant in the pot, and if necessary, carefully spread out the roots. The top of the roots, or base, should be about an inch below the rim of the pot. Fill the rest of the pot with potting soil, and pat it down to anchor the roots.

Do not pack the potting soil, or you could cause drainage problems. Water your plant thoroughly to set the roots, then mulch. Your plant may suffer some shock, but will perk up quickly once it settles into its new digs.