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Nurturing - Your Plants

How To Buy Plants Locally
What you should look for in a plant nursery (besides plants)

How To Have Plants Shipped To You
What you should know about shipping (from your on-line shipping source)

What Is A Healthy Plant?
What to look for when you're buying

Caring for Houseplants
No, they're not just pieces of furniture

Pre-Planting Care
When your plant first arrives home from the store

How to plant your new plant

When your plant outgrows its home

Your plant's haircut, so it can grow better

Sacrificing the weak so that the strong may survive

It's practical and pretty, even if it is "rot"

Keeping your plants in shape

Training Vines
Teaching new plants old tricks

Training Climbing Houseplants
Teaching new indoor plants old tricks

Knowing When to Repot
Warning signs of cramped feet

Extending your blooming season (tie-dye optional)

Wintering Over
Bringing plants indoors for the winter

Wintering Over Container Trees
Get ready to lug these babies indoors

Container Garden Design Center

Plant Care

Recipes, Projects, and Entertaining

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