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Overview of Medicinal Herbs

Using herbs for healing has been a part of many cultures throughout history. Many still use them as their primary medicine. Much of our western herbal knowledge was passed down through the ages, though a lot of this knowledge was lost in the Medieval times, and then again in the Industrial Revolution when allopathic(or modern) medicine came into the forefront.

Dissatisfaction with allopathic medicine has brought back interest in alternatives, such as medicinal plants and their uses, for our health care. There's been a resurgence in Herbalism in the last 20 years in the U.S. and many people as now looking at herbal remedies as a choice for some of their medical problems or as preventative medicine

There are many herbal products offered, mainly in health food stores, that are already prepared for use, although some people are showing interest in learning about plants, their medicinal values, how to propagate them and prepare them for use in healing. Popular preparations include herbal extracts(which are alcohol, glycerin, or vinegar based), teas, compresses, and salves.

Many herbs offer a safe and gentle action on the body systems. These tonic herbs strengthen and nourish, often times helping several body systems at the same time. Lots of these herbs are easy to grow and require a minimal amount of care.

Bringing our healing into our own hands can be rewarding . Many times our medicine can be found right in our own little garden.