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Partial Sun Conditions

Plants that thrive in partial sun are the plants that will do well with about three to six hours of sunlight a day. If these plants receive too much sun, they have a tendency to heat up and wilt.

Placing partial-sun plants in a west-facing area will give them a bit more sunlight in the afternoon hours, whereas plants that are in east-facing areas receive more light in the morning.

Always check your plants' sunlight requirements (when you buy them or through a garden shop). Partial sun will suit a wide variety of plants, and depending on the water requirements, you can have a garden filled with all kinds of plants!

One way to achieve partial sun for your plants is to plant them near larger plants that provide shade for some of the day and sunlight for a few hours of the day. This is especially helpful if you have a large balcony that has the space to grow some nice shrubs or tiny trees.