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Planning a project

Projecting - imagining your garden as it grows
You're finished designing and planting your container garden. You have a clever container, it drains well and you're all set. Right? Not quite. Have you left your plant some room to grow? Just like healthy children, healthy plants will grow up, and move out of the house and only visit on holi...well, not quite but you get the idea. Keep the expected size of your mature plants in mind. Plus, remember, plants often grow "out" as well as "up."
In the final design of your container garden, imagine where each of the plants will be in one, two and six months. Don't pack them in too tight, like a new pair of jeans around Christmas you want to leave some room for growth. Commercially purchased plants usually list the expected height and size of mature plants on the information tag. Read the tags carefully. If the plant has no tag, ask for help or look it up in a reference book.
Can you visualize color? Don't settle for just varying shades of green. Have you planted anything expected to bloom in other colors? Blooms are an encouraging sign that your garden is thriving and they give you something to look forward to.