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Planning Your Garden: Seven Simple Steps For Getting Started

1. Determine your budget.

You can spend hundreds of dollars on fancy containers and exotic plants, or buy a $2 seed pack and plant in milk cartons.

2. Measure your area for pot types and sizes.

Figure your plants will be at least as big as yourpots, and decide how much space you want your garden to take.

3. Check with your landlord.

If you rent your home, check with your landlord to make sure s/he's ok with your plans for a garden.

4. Determine the sunlight in your space

  • shade
  • partial sun
  • full sun

5. Think about your main objective

Iis it accessible and cheap herbs for dinner? Fragrant flowers to transport you back to Grandpa's farm in Georgia? Simple, homegrown veggies for meals? A wall of green to block out the outside world?

6. Look around

Look for ideas of what plants to plant and how to mix them to create the effect you're going for.

7. Buy the basics:

  • potting soil
  • fertilizer
  • watering tools
  • containers to match your plants and style
  • container supports
  • Or choose a garden kit with everything you need in one package.