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Plant an Indoor Garden for Kids

In the winter children often get the winter dull-drums, especially if they live in a climate that is stormy and can’t get outside. In order to expend some of that built-up energy and keep them occupied, why not help them plant an indoor garden. It is simple and easy enough that even toddlers will enjoy watching it grow. It also gives them a sense of worthiness and they learn a love of gardening at a young age.

You’ll need:

  • Carrots, lemon, orange or lime seeds, grass or birdseeds, sweet potatoes and cress. 
  • Potting soil 
  • Wax milk cartons that have been cut down, jars and lids, food packaging and eggshells that have been broken into 3 or 4 pieces.
  • Use the milk cartons or the egg shells to create a unique vegetable garden by following the following directions:

Lemon, orange, lime seeds: Place four or five seeds in a container. Cover with a half inch layer of soil. Place containers under a large jar until you see sprouts. Remove jar. Place in a sunny window. 

Sweet Potatoes: Place in a carton. Keep potato half covered with water. 

Carrots: Cut off the green top. Place in a jar lid filled with water. Watch the green grow. 

Grass or birdseeds: Place on a wet sponge in a dish. Keep sponge moist. Seed will sprout! 

Cress: Grow sprouts in an eggshell. Green sprouts will look like hair coming out. Draw a face and body. 
This will be a most rewarding project for both the child and you. It is also educational.