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Plant Stands - The go-anywhere design option

The beauty of plant stands is that they're limited only by your imagination. Anything can be a plant stand: a tall wooden box covered in mirrored tile; a painted wire milk-crate; a short marble column. 

Remember that a medium-size plant can weigh 50 pounds or more. So your stand should be sturdy enough to take the weight, and water-proof. You don't want the stand to be too tall; the taller the stand, the less stable it will be.

What you'll need: Your plant stand, Cork liner, Wire, Electrician's staples

As with any large planter, choose a spot away from doorways, high traffic areas, and areas where water can damage things. Room corners, and low traffic spots near windows are ideal. To protect wood flooring, put a cork liner underneath the stand.

Securing Tall Plants - Tall plants are more likely to tip over and fall. If the plant is next to a wall, you can secure it with green twine or gardener's tape, and electrician's staples. Gently wrap a large branch near the top of the plant with twine, and staple the twine to the wall behind the plant, where it won't be seen. If no wall is handy, wrap the branch with the twine, and tie the twine to either some thin wire or strong fishing line. Put a small eyebolt into the ceiling above your plant, and tie the wire to it.