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Potpourri Containers

Half the fun of potpourri is in finding the right container. While you could display it in any non-metal container that can be covered -- even an old mayonnaise jar -- that defeats the elegant Victorian spirit of a perfect potpourri. The container should match the scent. 

For Victorian floral blends, choose cut or pressed glass, such as candy dishes or compotes, or a simple round rose bowl set on a saucer. At night reverse the order, setting the saucer on top as a lid. Chinese ginger jars are also good containers for rose-based blends, although they don't show off the colors as a glass or open container would.

Spicy or woodsy blends look at home in sturdy pottery bowls or pots, or in a glass bowl or wide jar set inside a rustic vine basket. Wooden boxes make good containers, too, but they will absorb the fragrance from the oils, and smell like potpourri long after they've been put to some other use.

Look for containers in flea markets, garage sales, church bazaars, and second-hand shops, and be alert for attractive jars such as those used for premium brands of jams and preserves. A metal lid is not a problem, as long as the potpourri does not stand in metal.