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Project #2 - Sunflowers

Can't afford to add another room to the house? This long-time favorite creates a play space for and with your kids for lots less than any contractor can offer. As a bonus, it's outside. 
You'll need giant sunflower seeds. They're often called "Russian." Also get some seeds for morning glory vines.

Pick an open area that gets at least six hours of sun a day and make a square shape (about 6 feet on each side) out of bags of compost from a nursery or home store. Every eight inches or so, in goes a sunflower seed. Chase that seed with a morning glory seed. Don't forget to leave a space for a door. Cover, water, and wait.

Once the flowers really get going, the morning glories will wind around the sunflower stalks. When the "walls" are taller than the tenants, use some old twine or string and go crazy. Make a "roof" of string, and then encourage the morning glories to tiptoe across it. In a week or so, all they'll see from inside is blue sky and blue flowers.