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Project #3 - Personalized Zucchini

How can you get children to beg for their own zucchini at dinner? Personalized squash are the way to go. 

Zucchini grows so easily, it's practically a weed. Ample sun, a big pot, and you got zuke. Use seeds for a dark green variety, so artwork shows up. "Low-prickle" plants (ones without spines on the stems and fruit) are even more user friendly.

Zukes can sprawl - at least a 3'x 3' square. Fortunately, one plant should supply all you need. When the baby squash make their appearance (you'll see a swelling behind some of the flowers), have your children choose their canvas.

Arm the kids with a nail or pointy stick. With this, they can gently write their names or draw on the skin of the young zucchini.

Since you can practically see the squash get bigger, day to day their masterpiece will take shape. Don't make the common mistake of letting the zucchini grow to baseball-bat size. Pick them when they're still tender.
Voila! Personalized dinner that even confirmed veggie-haters won't be able to resist.